Studio time!

March 19, 2013 by

About to create some elektro-döds.



March 17, 2013 by

Enjoying the New York burger while watching spring.

Going for the cash in…

April 5, 2011 by

…but where am I going?


April 1, 2011 by

Friday McDonalds…

April 1, 2011 by

…got executive with me and Nichlas today. Until Philstrand ruined it…

Friday McDonalds…

March 25, 2011 by

With the old Friday team.

Bros at work

March 11, 2011 by

Bro and me at McDonalds Värmdö, on our way to do some work on the summer house.

Sportlov with the kids

March 3, 2011 by

So lunch is at McDonalds. Don’t think I’ve been here for a week or two. Bad.

With the family…

February 15, 2011 by

…after work today. Skipped the California and went for the Big Mac. Lovely old Big Mac.

Out and about…

February 12, 2011 by

…driving around delivering the kids to places. Tried the Texas in the American series. Will go for the Big Mac next time…

Later today running intervalls ordered by Elvis.